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growing roots

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

I write this first post to you sat in one of my favourite spots in my house: my bed. The house is in a restful pause late afternoon; translating roughly as my girls having film-time so that I may recharge in the quiet like I need to. Well I say quiet when in actual fact I have music on in the background. Music plays a huge part in my life and is always fine tuned to my moods.

Winter still sits unmoved outside in its unhurried way of being present to it's time despite those hundreds whose voices grumpily wishing it to hurry on. I for one love Winter and am sad when the time comes to leave it behind, although with Spring following the sadness is only fleeting. The gentle light which graces my room late in this day is a favourite aspect of Winter, somehow it feels clear, fresh and quiet.

But I fear I am losing sight already of what I must write and already I feel myself reigning back all that I wish to share: there is no point in growing tall when I have not yet grown any roots.

This blog has been created in adjunct to the practices of yoga I hope to share with you. I have found a frustration in teaching yoga classes, a frustration in that I feel I am only sharing half the magic. There simply is not always time or space in a weekly class. I don't propose this to be a wholly yogic blog explaining out the "8 limbs" to you, but rather a conversation of exploration in what it means to be human using such tools as yoga, meditation, the earth and it's gifts to do so. I have studied well into these areas and although I would never suggest you take someones interpretations as truth, perhaps what you may find here is a stepping stone toward an area you need to touch into.

This brings me to the name "foraged + rooted", whilst you can find the full story here, for now I will say as follows. There is a famous quote in physics, one many of you (if you are British) may be in close contact to daily. Printed around the edge of some £2 coins is the inscription:

"standing on the shoulders of giants"

it is a quote of Sir Issac Newton relating to his work on the theory of gravity. Thought to be a modest reference to the fact that he only managed what he did by working upon the ideas of those great minds who came before him.

And is that not true for us all. So many of the wonderful insights and offerings I wish to share with you here do not come from me but have been foraged from that which I have encountered in life and they now may be the seedlings you too need to forage in the work you are doing.

However I don't wish to neglect the inner work. The work we sometimes need to shut out the world to hear. To understand that sometimes we look around us too much for answers, for inspiration when in actual fact we need to root down deep within ourselves and remember, actually just remember. Root in to who we are in this world and what your own internal voice tells you to be true, beyond the layers of ignorance and (mis)perception the world around us lays upon it.

So welcome to "foraged + rooted" I am so glad to have you here. I encourage you to read all with an open mind, noticing what internal conversation springs up for you. I encourage reflection, conversation, debate and out right arguments so that you may truly learn what it is to be you. But most of all I encourage you to do it with grace, humility, understanding and love.

Morag x

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