my story

I understand completely the want of writing in the third person for this section, but lets not kid anyone that it is someone different from I who is writing this. So hey there, I am Morag the person behind the words you find here .

Yoga has been a part of my life for 10 years now. I came across yoga as a way to exercise whilst pregnant with my first child, and whilst then nurturing my baby I found the stretches invaluable after days hunched over feeding or lifting and carrying.

It was about the same time that I began reading into Buddhist meditations, and so when I discovered the philosophy side of yoga I fell in love.

Whilst I love practising the physical aspects of yoga seeing again and again the respect, empowerment and ease which comes from connecting with your body in that way, my approach also engages the mind and intellect. In yoga this is called the path of Jnana Yoga, or "knowledge and wisdom". As a scientist at heart I love this introspective aspect: working with the discriminative mind to see the true nature of reality, and what it means to be me.

My approach to teaching is one of connection; gently guiding students back into their body to be able to hear their own inner voice. Self love is so important and can come from creating space within ourselves, as well as lightening our hearts and putting a smile on our face.

So where do herbs fit into this? My interest in herbs, although recent in my studies, is an old calling of mine. That connection with our selves I spoke of before extends beyond our physical boundries and into the world around us, and working with herbs, both growing and using, grounds me.

In yoga we strip back the layers of perception to see the truth, with herbs we strip back what we are told from society in what we need or think are out of our control, to find we have all that we need at our finger tips.


For now I live on a tiny island off of the coast of England, with my husband, two children, dog, ducks and chicken. We grow vegetables (and herbs), truly living by the seasons, and making the most of a different pace of life. 

teachings and trainings:

SUP Yoga Teacher Training (in progress)

        -Sup Yoga Center 2021

Intermediate Herbal Course (in progress)

       -The Herbal Academy 2021

Introductory Herbal Course

       -The Herbal Academy 2020

200hr Yoga Teacher Training

        -Himalaya Yoga Valley 2019

Yoga Foundation Diploma

        - The School of Health 2018

Mindfulness Fundamentals

         - 2016